My time

(feat. Miguel)

[Hook: Miguel]
And I, I wouldn’t trade it for the world, world, world
And I, Just so fucking lucky you’re my girl, girl, girl
And I, I wouldn’t trade it for anything
No, no, no not anything
And you

[Verse 1: Big Sean]
Yeah, I got a brand new Benz
Crazy right, brand new Benz
Got less miles on it than I do friends
Remember when we laid at you and Paige’s crib
Was there so long I coulda paid rent
Remember when we couldn’t get shit?
Best thing bout being broke is you don’t spend shit
Remember that Christmas? We had a wish list
We couldn’t afford nothin’ but we still get shit ironically
Those were the times I felt the richest
All those times that we spent by the pool girl
Was too broke to even take you to the zoo girl
Maybe it’s because I had you girl
Was thinking about when we went to London and Paris
And gave each other times that we cherished
Remember when you saw the Eiffel Tower
And you got so drunk threw up? Yup you were so embarrassed
See those are times I can’t let go, I can’t let go
Man I hate to see you single in the club looking for kisses and hugs
So you Sipping on XO til I snatch you up like “let’s go”

[Hook: Miguel]

[Verse 2: Big Sean]
My bad for those long long nights, long nights when I left you in the sheets
Sorry for when you had to cry yourself to sleep
Tried to count on me and I made you count sheep
Sorry when you put your faith in me I was unfaithful, disgraceful
Distasteful yeah I know you’re not supposed to have cake and eat too
Crazy how these hoes always kept my plate full
What about the emails you hacked in?
I know we hate to live in the past-tense
It’s been weird since I went out west and did an album with No I.D
And ain’t came back since
Now we the best in the city, I rep for the city
That’s about the time that you left for the city
You and all your girls moved to NY,
I shoulda’ known now how you watch sex and the city
I know we ain’t close but, I gotta focus on blowing up
I know I promised that I’d be there, and really did I ever show up?
I know I wasn’t honest to ya girl
Almost broke every promise to ya girl
Brought problems to your world
And you said “how could you just lie to me? I thought you’d die for me?”
I was scared you’d find somebody you was supposed to
You the type niggas get close to, and then propose to
And when thanksgivings come around,
I ain’t tryna bring hoes through to momma
So it’s back to the drama,
"No I don’t know that number"
"Why the hell you text it?"
Heartbreak hotel man, with no exit just checked in
Young and living reckless

[Hook: Miguel]

[Outro: Miguel & Big Sean]
Can’t nobody do it like you do it, like you do it, like you do it, like you
I can’t imagine myself without you
I need a whole lot of help without you
Me and my granny both agree
Damn you’re such a G I’ll hold you down forever, B

[Hook: Miguel]
I remember

I noticed that I start a lot of my stories with ” I remember”, the reason is because I was in a traumatic accident a few years ago, there are still some things I can’t remember lol… so forgive me..

   I remember the way he looked at me the first time we met

How he called my name… his touch… his smell… the way I felt when he touched me… I remember 

His trust…his loyalty… how it felt to be  missed… the touch of his skin… his lips… I remember

His love… His kiss… I remember 

I only wish I could forget… 

My time turned 2 today!

My time turned 2 today!

Saturday Night

…As my weekend started I thought it would be another lazy stay in the house type of weekend, no guest no going out, just chilling watching my dvr.  I got a phone call from an old friend, let me explain this wasnt an ordinary “old friend” this is the type of old friend that you try to stay away from because they are just no good for you but…but its just something about them that makes you want to see them.  Anyway this old friend calls and says i’m in town for the weekend I would really like to see you, so I had to say yes.  I cooked my famous steak dinner with loaded mashed potatoes and asparagus, no wine and I was to be the dessert.  After dinner we just hung out surfing the web, watching old shows it was like we were never apart, like he was never gone, and I was so comfortable.  As the night ended I thought damn I guess I wont be the dessert, he didnt make a move and I wasnt going to be the first one.  We laid down, it was dark and I felt myself drifting off to sleep when I felt the softest lips on my neck, with each kiss my neck was on fire, then his touch omg his touch I had never been touched like this before not even by him, just alone off the touch my pussy was dripping wet.  He rubbed my head and massaged my temples, slightly pulled my hair not so that it would hurt but it felt good.  He massaged my shoulders, my back , my legs and when he got to my feet he sucked gently on my big toe and pushed my legs apart and started to undress me.  It was pretty simple i had on shorts and a shirt lol. As he removed my shirt he kissed me on my neck sucking and biting, oh I wanted him so bad.  He kissed me gently from my neck to my breast, as he sucked on my right breast he rubbed my nipples with his fingers turning me completely on.  He kissed my chest sucked my nipples and kissed me down to where my shorts started.  When he made it to my shirts he got on top of me and opened my legs, and fingered my wet pussy as he kissed me up and down my legs.  Why is he teasing me like this?  He pulled off my shorts and kissed me on my lips, no the lips you think lol.  Oh he was so gentle and tender as he opened my lips to revel my clitoris. Licking and sucking on my lips and my clitoris I felt like I was in heaven , he had my legs in some sort of head lock  where I couldnt and you know its good when you grab their head like oooh stay right here lol.  Right when I was about to explode he stuck two finger inside of me and continued to nibble, lick , and suck on my clitoris, I felt like i was about to die, but a good death not a bad one lol.  As I had my orgasm he fingered me and licked me until I couldnt take it anymore.  He flipped me over and butterfly kissed me down my back and put me on my knees and entered me, yes I remember now why I was so into him.  He entered me slow but kept a good rhythm and grabbed my neck then put his fingers in my hair just how I like it, he is the only man who knows my body this well, he grabbed my hair and fucked me so good, slow first then fast and hard, pulling my hair and kissing my neck and my back while he fucked me.  He stopped and said stay just like this and opened up my ass and licked my clit from the back…pushing his lips and tongue deep inside of me making me cum all over again.  Since he made me feel so good and he still hadnt came, I pushed him down and kissed his big soft juicy lips that still had my remains on them ( I taste yummy lol)  I kissed and sucked him from his neck to his dick, as I made my way down I sucked his nipples and nibbled on them while rubbing his penis.  I love this dick, I really do I had to show him how much I did.   I had him in my hands and he was so beautiful, I missed him omg I missed him.  I started off licking his dick and putting my tongue every where, then I gently sucked his head and it was time to get nasty.  I took his dick and put it so far down in my mouth I felt it in my throat, I gagged a little but we all know that spit helps lol.  I sucked his dick while it was in my throat my spit sliding down his big, fat, long beautiful dick, and I came up.  Using my left hand I jagged him off and continued to suck his dick.  He started saying my name oh Tastee, oh Tastee which pumped my head up I had to move so that I was between his legs.  Using my right hand I massaged his sack and with out stopping my rhythm with my hand and mouth I put his balls in my mouth and hummed when he started moaning I knew I was getting the job done.  I put his beautiful penis in my mouth and sucked and licked it gently, I felt the throb like he wanted to cum but he was enjoying me too much.  He sat up and grabbed my head with with hands and was basically fucking my mouth, I like that shit..he let go of me and rubbed my breast and smacked my ass he whispered I want you, dont make me cum Tastee.  I loved how he said my name.  I kept going feeling his throb he grabbed me by my wrist and pulled me on top of him, he was sitting up and Im not on top of him, his long, wide, beautiful dick inside of me, filling me up, his hands all over my body, his lips, sucking on my neck then they found my lips and my tongue.  As we kissed I rode him, I felt like I was in another world he was making me feel good all over, why does this dude mess with my mind like this? Why is he making me feel so good?  I rode him, slow while we kissed his hands in my hair, at this point I didn’t care that he messed it up. I didn’t care about anything but making him feel good, and how good I was feeling.  He moaned inside of our kiss, and sucked on my bottom lip, and nibbled on it, he said you feel so good, I’m about to cum, omg youre about to make me cum, I sped up, and our hands interlocked he squeezed my hand and I squeezed his, we climaxed together. He laid down, I laid on his chest with that beautiful dick inside of me, and dozed off.  My Saturday night, the best night ever.

*This story is not real just trying something new :) 

Elle Varner - Refill (by ElleVarnerVEVO)

I love this song…It reminds me of being young and in like with some one… I loved the video they had an awesome the lead guy is very handsome… I found out his name is Anthony… I wish I had more info…this brotha is fiiiine.

Prostitutes are people too!!! (by hotdamnirock)

I will welcome ME

My friends have been telling me about tumblr and I didnt see the need for it.  I said I didnt have enough time for Facebook, Twitter, then to throw tumblr on there geeesh…but this as a way to let me be me and post when I want to post to show ME.  so here i am…hey MzTastee welcome to tumblr lol :) im here me